Understanding the 4C’s

Each and every diamond is unique and in order to find your perfect diamond, you will have to prioritise what matters most to you. There are 4 main factors that are considered when grading a diamond: carat, clarity, colour and cut. The fifth C that is arguably the most important is the certification.

Diamond Specialist strongly recommends choosing GIA certified diamonds as it is the international diamond grading standard.


Of the standard 4Cs, Cut is the most important as it has the ...
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The bulk of diamonds have tiny imperfections called inclusions...
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Diamond is graded on a colour scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow)....
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Carat Weight

Each and every diamond is unique and in order to find your perfect diamond ...
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Metal Guide

CamDiamond uses only the finest materials to ensure every price of jewellery we manufacture is of the highest standard. Learn more about the variety of materials available and what is right for you.


One of the two most popular metals along with gold. At Diamond Club we only use Platinum 950 for our jewellery as this has the highest platinum content for jewellery making. Platinum is harder than gold so will be more resistant to scratching and being a naturally white material its white sheen will not change colour from wear and tear. Platinum is great as it accentuates the sparkle of diamonds perfectly and will last for a lifetime.
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Universally loved and desired, gold has a way of capturing peoples hearts. The other popular metal along with Platinum. At Diamond Club we specialise in 18K white, yellow or rose gold as this has the highest gold content without compromising strength. 22K and 24K jewellery is also possible to be custom made. 9K and 14K are also popular options for customers. 18K Gold is fantastic as it is very strong but still malleable so resizing is easier. Being resistant to tarnish, rust and corrosion, Gold will last forever. A very strong material but also the most malleable of all precious metals, goldsmiths and jewellers alike love Gold for its ease in creating dream pieces.
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Diamond Club only uses Sterling Silver for our Silver jewellery range. Affordable, beautiful and brilliant, Silver jewellery will give you years of joy.
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Palladium, one of the rarest metals in the world, is a member of the Platinum Group Metals. These metals are also referred to as “Noble Metals” due to their superior ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation. 18K white gold is usually is mixed with palladium to make the base metal whiter.
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Naturally very strong and light, titanium rings are very popular with men looking for an alternative to the classic gold wedding band. Titanium also has a naturally darker colour which also appeals to many gents.
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